Who We Are

We are the SIGAPP (Special Interest Group for Applied Computing) sub-club under Purdue’s ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) chapter. What this really means is that we make apps, and there are a couple of important aspects as to how we do that:

Real-World Apps

We make apps that have a real purpose. Rather than a class project, we focus on projects that our members are interested in working on – and would be interested in using after completion, too.

Real-World Experience

We do our best to create a team-based workflow that mirrors major tech companies – without stress. We help members understand real contribution processes in a low-pressure environment.

Real-World Education

We expect absolutely no prior experience from members joining. Our experienced members can help you get up to speed no matter what level you’re currently at. You’ll be contributing in no time!

Currently, we use React Native (cross-platform JavaScript UI framework based on React) for our front-end and ASP.NET (Microsoft’s flagship server-side web framework, written in C#) for our back-end. We have also used technologies like MongoDB, Docker, and Swift for various projects.

We have historically used Flutter (powered by Google’s language Dart – don’t worry, it’s easy to learn!) for our apps and Java for the servers behind our apps. Again, no experience is required or expected coming in. And we’re also open to exploring new technology if it fits our projects!

Our Officers

The SIGAPP Officers form the main leadership for the club and help drive all that we do. There are ample opportunities to gain leadership experience in SIGAPP as you level up in the club, either as an Officer or as one of our Team Leads.

Our Previous Apps

SIGAPP has a history of creating apps with a variety of purposes. Many are centered around the displaying of information related to Purdue's services, but we are always looking to explore new areas. Feel free to share your ideas with us!


SafeWalk was an app for students to request a police escort should they feel unsafe on campus. A modernization of the blue buttons on campus in an Uber-like experience to increase student usage.

Purdue Laundry

Purdue Laundry

Purdue Laundry consolidated statuses on washers and dryers in residence halls in an easy-to-use interface, allowing students to find the best time for a trip to the laundry room. An essential time-saver in the dorms.

Purdue CoRec Monitor

Purdue CoRec Monitor

The CoRec Monitor app displays data to students about the current usage of CoRec facilities, allowing for better workout planning and less time wasted walking to the CoRec only to find the desired machines are all taken.



BoilerFaves was a simple app allowing a student to identify their favorite items on the dining court menus and be notified when that item is available for the day. Never miss potstickers again! This functionality has since been incorporated into the official Purdue Dining app.


The most up-to-date information is in our Discord, but some organized posts can be found here.

Hello World!

Today marks the launch of our new club website. Our old website had somewhat fallen by the wayside as we focused on the APP in SIGAPP and less on the WEB… not in SIGAPP. This Read more…